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Writing your future | taught by Glendon Cameron
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Glendon Cameron
Glendon Cameron
Founder of Hustler's Kung Fu

About the Instructor

Creative. Author. Educator. Entrepreneur. Visionary. Director. Strategist. Consultant. Trusted Advisor.

In 2009 Glendon Cameron started what has become Hustler's Kung Fu Method. Driving blunt truth and stunning observations in his video commentaries and training.

The author of 20 books and creator of 6 different platforms of learning and training.

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44,000 YouTube subscribers and over 5000 students enrolled in courses.

Your mindset is the most important aspect of who you are as a person. Great mindset, great life. Poor mindset, poor life.

Glendon Cameron

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Writing your future

Course Contents

12 Videos
1 Text
1 Disqus
8 Audios
8.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Scripted Days Discussion Board
Making The Time
Reset Your Thinking
Discovering Your Why
The Power of Baroque Music
Meditation The Power Boost to Your Scripted Days
Why Paper and Pen is Better Than The Computer
Your Success Filling System
Action is the Greatest Truth There Is
Where do you want to be NEXT YEAR?